Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Alternative Holiday Sale

Show time again already! They come fast and furious this time of year. This weekend it's the Peace Education Center's Alternative Holiday Sale. The Center is located at 855 Grove Street in East Lansing. More information about the Center, and about some of the featured vendors, can be found on their web site. The site describes the event as one that "combines holiday shopping with a true spirit of community". This will be my first time participating, and it sounds like it will be a great day. It runs from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. Saturday, so please come out and support local businesses and the Peace and Justice community.


Sunday, November 8, 2009

Holiday Challenge

We are having a Holiday Challenge on the Polymer Clay Central forum. The idea is that participants post a photo or comment each day in November of something we are working on or have made for the holidays; items to sell, commissioned items, decorations, gifts,etc. Please stop by and see the talent in action; you'll be amazed! Here are the items I posted for the first week:

Day 1
I received a commission to create a clay bead in the likeness of the cat in the photo, and the photo is of the bead in progress. I'll post again later when it's done.

The cupcake, also from day one, was inspired by a brightly-colored apron on a fellow vendor at the Old Town Underground Artists' Market, where I was working on my Day 1 items. I will also re-post the cupcake once it's baked and has it's "sprinkles" on.

Day 2
This is a pendant I've been playing with on and off for awhile and finally baked. It's still waiting to be glazed and made into a necklace...which I'll post once it's complete.

Day 3
Okay, so I didn't just finish this cat face ring...but it is a recent item, and the ladies on the forum wanted to see more cat items!

Day 4
The photography on this and the next couple images was done in haste and isn't the best, so bear with me...I'm trying to use up scrap clay and canes that have been laying around for awhile. I used scrap canes and a texture tool to make these chunky bead earrings.

Day 5

Again with the crappy photography, but I'll take better pics and replace them when I can...These two rings were made with scrap clay swirled with a little glitter and then sanded and buffed with my Dremel to a high shine.

Day 6
A memory wire bracelet in green and red to kick off the holiday season.

Day 7
Cat paw print beads left over from a previous project combined with glass beads and silver to make this bracelet.

I'll continue to post my items throughout the month so you can see how hard I am working(pant, pant)!