Saturday, January 17, 2009

Happy New Year

I guess it's time to update my poor neglected blog! I haven't been doing much with Clawdia's Creations lately--I've had some other projects going, house stuff mainly, that has been taking up my time, and the crafting is temporarily on the back burner. But friends have been gently reminding me that things around here are getting a little stale. So...

The Curves Craft Corner helped me get a few of my kitties "adopted". Among those that got "new homes" were a couple of eyeglass holders:
This means I'm in dire need of making more before craft show season starts up again!

And I'm told the custom order eyeglass holder I mentioned a couple posts ago was a hit with it's recipient. A coworker wanted one similar to Nurse Kitty to give to her mom as a Christmas gift:
What do you think? Did I come close?